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How did we get to be experts in luxury pet-friendly hotels?

Well, see that gorgeous red-head above running through a pet-friendly vinyard in Calistoga, California? That handsome devil is my Irish Setter Beau.  He was the inspiration for LuxuryPAW because weighing-in at 65 furry pounds it wasn't always easy to find a pet-welcoming, high level of amenity hotel. That was in 2008.

That had to change... he & I wanted to begin our luxury pet-friendly travel adventures and it did change, and I like to think that Beau & I and LuxuryPAW had a paw in that. After 40 states, 40,000 miles of driving, 250+ luxury pet-friendly hotels later and hundreds of interviews, articles and writing gigs; people started to think we knew a thing or two about luxury pet-friendly hotels & travel.

Sadly, Beau passed away in 2015 & LuxuryPAW couldn't continue on as it was.

We are excited to announce the next chapter of LuxuryPAW is about to begin... Subscribe below to meet our new roving reporter and stay tuned for PUPdates!


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